Success in Relationships

Sean Wheeler is known as The Heartbreak Hypnotist® for his record of success healing broken hearts on Q100’s The Bert Show. This hypnosis recording contains suggestions specifically designed to help you find success in relationships. Using his 17+ years of experience with more than 3,000 clients, Sean has incorporated suggestions to help you…

  • Attract Your Ideal Mate
  • Get Over a Divorce or an Ex (Much More Quickly)
  • Stop Focusing on Your Ex
  • Know What to Say To Your Prospective Mate
  • Open Up and Communicate Your Needs
  • Eliminate Jealousy
  • Deal with Rejection and Move On
  • Project Confidence
  • Improve Self-Esteem
  • Overcome Shyness
  • Learn from Past Relationships (and Forget About Them!)
  • and more…

Listen to this recording at least once per day for 21 days, and as needed thereafter for relaxation and reinforcement.