Since the only constant in life is change, and change is what most of my clients are seeking, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I am making some changes myself. The first change will bring immediate benefits to my clients… at least those who are seeking assistance getting into shape.

I am always seeking ways to improve upon what is already working well, and that is what I have done. After learning the proven weight loss program from Massachusetts hypnotherapist Tom Nicoli, who became famous for his client’s success shedding pounds on Dateline NBC back in 2002, I have recently implemented his teachings into my own program. The early results are inspiring, and my clients are already enjoying the benefits. Please call or email for more information about this recent improvement and what it could mean for you.

On the “good news and bad news” front, due to the continued growth of Pure Hypnosis and the subsequent amount of time I’m committing to my clients, I will be taking a temporary leave from Whole World Theatre – the best improv comedy theatre in Atlanta (and the world, as far as I’m concerned). My final performances will take place this coming weekend of October 20th-22nd.