In case you hadn’t heard, I’ll be hosting a hypnosis seminar focused on dealing with economic stress… this Saturday, April 18th, at Serenity Lakes Wellness Center in Lawrenceville, GA.

This will include a bunch of tips for your conscious mind, as well as a complete group hypnosis experience to deliver the messages to your subconscious. Those who sign up will also receive an audio recording of the hypnotic induction FREE of charge.
The event is “almost” free because the kind folks as Serenity Lakes ask for a $5 love donation at the door. Once you see the venue, you’ll be happy to drop a five spot into the basket… it’s a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere that you’ll want to visit again and again.
I’ll be doing hypnosis seminars at Serenity Lakes on the 3rd Saturday of every month from now on… always focused on different topics designed to benefit those in attendance.
This one starts at 2:00pm and runs until around 4:00pm, and you’ll leave feeling much more relaxed than you were when you arrived.
Here’s the link where you can RSVP at