“Through several years of working “too many hours” and worrying constantly about the state of others, I internalized anxiety and emotions to a point that I was constantly stressed. So much that I have not completely realized the harm that I was causing my body. As a release, I began to laugh, inappropriately in most situations, as a response to almost everything! The laughter was perfect because I could hide my true feelings, go above and beyond my expectations for work, and make everyone around me happy while keeping them at a “safe” distance. Then I decided something needed to change…

The hypnosis worked!!!

The day after my session I noticed immediate changes in my behavior. My breathing became slower and my body felt more relaxed as a result of the ability to block worry out of my daily routine. I accept events for the way they are and accept the changes that need to be made more easily without concentrating on negative consequences that “might” occur “if” X happens. Now there is more time in my schedule to perform tasks with less procrastination, leading to more time to enjoy life and engage with others on a more personal level. I have become extremely social and the laughter has significantly decreased!

Thank you for improving my quality of life!”

-J.R. | Atlanta, GA