* Tamilla is a great client and hypnotic subject. I’ve now worked with her on a wide variety of issues, and she responds beautifully following nearly every single session. She’s also great about listening to her session recordings, which I know is a big factor in producing powerful and lasting results. She listed the following as side-effects of our sessions: improved sleep, more relaxed, more comfortable in social settings, better work/life balance, improved self-esteem, positive attitude, happier in general, more control over emotions. The praise below is pretty amazing… and I almost feel embarrassed sharing it, but it’s all the truth in her own words… so there you have it! 

“Sean is the best investment of my money. I absolutely love the results I’ve gotten so far. Working with Sean has been so wonderful, I literally transformed myself with him.

He is such an excellent therapist, I don’t have to babble & babble, he goes straight to the root without me even saying what I think I’m feeling. Things that I thought I could never change have already been changed.

Changes in my thinking have been sooo dramatic. In fact, so strong that prior to working with Sean, I don’t even remember a time in my life that I felt truly fulfilled inside.

Sean will help you break all limitations that you imposed on yourself, one by one. I am so amazed with the results that I have no intention of stopping my sessions. That’s right, there is always something to work on & it really takes a professional like Sean to keep on challenging your thinking, one session at a time.

I’m impressed with Sean’s work. He is such an articulate & talented communicator. He is talented.

I have never felt so comfortable talking to anyone in my life as I do with Sean. He always makes me feel so comfortable & I like the fact that he brings examples about his own life to let you know that what you went through is so normal, that you never feel stupid or silly for feeling the way you did. He brings you back to the idea that it’s really just a THOUGHT! And changes are thoughts away. Sounds so simple yet people struggle on their own for years with wrong way of thinking. That’s why investing money in Sean’s sessions truly is THE BEST INVESTMENT.

Tamilla Mamedova | Atlanta, GA