Trichotillomania.  Try saying that out loud.

Well, for those who suffer from this condition, it’s ever tougher to stop than it is to pronounce.

“Trich,” as it’s known more informally, is a problem for roughly 2.5 million Americans throughout their lifetime.

I’ve worked with a relatively small number of clients over the years with trich, but most have responded well to the therapy.  Recently, my friend Jeff Dauler of Star 94’s The Jeff and Jenn Show referred to me one of their producers, who’s been pulling her hair for more than a decade.

Below you’ll find the segments from the show where Jeannine discusses her problem before and after her initial session of hypnotherapy. She showed immediate improvement, in both expected an unexpected ways.

We’ve since conducted a second session, and are scheduled to meet a third time later in July.  Follow The Jeff and Jenn Show on Star 94.1 and check back with this blog to see how Jeannine progresses.