* “I had already concluded that hypnotherapy was just another new-age psychological tactic designed to suck in money and spit out nothing in return. I’ve been proven wrong.”

“It wasn’t until I went in for my second session that it all dawned on me: I had become a new person.”

-Anna Morris, Eidé Magazine

I was recently contacted by Eidé Magazine to do a couple sessions with Ms. Morris. She was interested in penning an article about hypnotherapy, while also working on her issues related to self-esteem and anxiety.  As you’ll see in the article, she got more than she expected.

Eidé’s new fall edition – dubbed “The Cerebral Issue” – has just been released, and the story is available (beginning on page 104) here on their website.  A physical copy of the magazine is available for purchase at Barnes & Noble and other locations.

As their website interface can be tricky, I’ve included screen grabs of the article for you to view below. (Click the images for larger versions.)

eidearticle2 eidearticle3