Chrisley Knows Best is an incredibly silly reality TV show.

A few months back, their producers contacted me with a request – could I hypnotize Grandma Faye to break her gambling addiction?

I replied honestly and explained that hypnosis can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do.

And that’s exactly what I told Faye Chrisley herself when we met.

And she had no intention of quitting her favorite pastime, in part because it reminded her of her beloved and departed husband, with whom she used to enjoy occasional trips to the casino.

The good news is that it still made for some great moments, and I was able to present hypnosis in an honest way that should peak the curiosity of the show’s (literally) millions of viewers.

Faye really enjoyed her session, went very easily and deeply into trance, and felt wonderful for hours after the session was complete. In short, she was just like my other clients 😉

Her son (and family patriarch) Todd Chrisley may be less-than-enthused about the results, but hopefully he learned a valuable lesson – that hypnosis can’t be used to control other people… especially your mother.