Just wanted to take a moment and thank the fine people at Serenity Lakes Wellness Center in Lawrenceville for such a warm reception. I made my first (and certainly not last) appearance there as a speaker on Saturday, and found it to be a really great place to chat with an audience about the benefits of hypnosis.

The event wrapped up with a group hypnosis session, after which one woman proclaimed:

“My headache is gone!”

“You’re welcome,” I said with a smile.

Here’s a brief breakdown of what was included on Saturday, Feb. 21st:

-Understanding stage hypnosis
-Ridiculous things I did while hypnotized on stage (!)
-My background and training
-How I became a hypnotherapist & comedy hypnotist
-How hypnosis works for weight loss, phobias & smoking cessation
-A group hypnosis demonstration
-A brief history of Milton H. Erickson and his unique approach
-How we are hypnotized by TV and media
-Deceptive advertising by pharmaceutical companies
-Giveaway of several of my hypnosis CD programs
-Q&A with audience

After talking with the folks at Serenity Lakes, it looks likely that I’ll be speaking there on a regular basis (perhaps monthly), so be sure to check here on this blog, or sign up for the newsletter at purehypnosis.com to receive updates and details.