*  I worked with the following client for two sessions, but the results were immediate after even a single session. I’ve had numerous clients over the years whom I’ve helped to eliminate addictions to soda – from Diet Coke to Mountain Dew and everything in between – as well as addictions to coffee, wine, sweet tea and many others.

Take a look at what Marie had to say…

“Today marks the one month anniversary of not drinking Diet Coke. Numerous unsuccessful attempts were made to end this 12-year addiction/obsession and I knew that seeing Sean would be my last attempt to kick this habit.

After one session, it was done – just like that. I did think about drinking it, but as soon as the thought entered my mind, the thought was put on a different path and went away. Unlike prior attempts, this was painless (no cravings, no obsessing), and more importantly successful. Not only do I not miss it, but I feel so much healthier and happier drinking crystal clear ice water. No more artificial sweetener poison for me – I’m finally free!!!

Thank you Sean! You’re the best.”

Marie Frank | Dunwoody, GA