From Panic to Giggles in Just Three Sessions

This young woman had a traumatic experience on a previous flight, and as a result had developed anxiety so strong that she resorted to sleep aids just to get through subsequent flights. Even so, she had been extremely uncomfortable, particularly during takeoff.

Hey Sean,

I cannot thank you enough for your amazing work. I was so calm during all my flights.

I went up in the air and came down a total of 6 times in the past two weeks. I even flew by myself with no problem. My anxiety level would usually be a 10 easily and it was between a 1 and 3 for all my flights.

My fiance seemed to be more nervous than I was at times. To top it all off, 3 out of the 4 planes we were on had mechanical issue prior to takeoff and I was totally fine. I had zero anxiety about the flight… amazing! Oh and by the way, I found myself almost laughing during takeoff each time (which has become my second favorite part).

Thanks again,”

Amarius Reed | Jackson, GA