* Joy had an upbringing that strongly contributed to poor self-esteem.  When we met for her first session, she revealed a history of picking the “wrong guy” who didn’t show her much respect. She was still hung up on a guy who had been very noncommittal, and was questioning her self-worth. As you’ll see below, things have changed considerably since her three sessions with me back in October 2013.

“I wanted to update you on my progress since our sessions. If you recall my primary issue was relationships. I had the stupid ex in New York that stood me up when I got there. Anyway fast forward 5 months and things have completely turned around.

I am in a committed relationship with a Great Guy!

You reminded me of something during a session. You said that the relationships that actually end up going somewhere are easy. They simply flow. And that is exactly what happened with my new relationship. What I took from our sessions is that I deserve the best and anything less than that is unacceptable.

I also realized that the right person would be there for me and that is exactly what I have. I feel like I am in the best hands.

I listened to the recordings for about 3 months straight and refused to settle and it took no time at all.

You are awesome at what you do.  I will never stop singing your praises!

Thank you, Sean, for everything!

Joy C. | Atlanta, GA