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Be Your Own Boss, Set Your Own Schedule, and Make Upwards of $250 Per Hour From Day One.

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✅ YES! I’m excited to help people quit smoking, lose weight, overcome anxiety and depression, solve relationship issues and more… and get paid $250+/hour to do it.

✅ YES! I’m ready to start my own business, be my own boss, set my own schedule and create the life I’ve always wanted.


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From the desk of Sean Wheeler, Buckhead, Atlanta GA,
June 2023

Dear Reader,

If you’ve been dreaming of starting your own business and you enjoy working with people. I’m going to tell you about an exciting opportunity to. Start your own business as a certified hypnotherapist in as little as four months.

👍Even if you’ve never hypnotized anyone before

👍Even if you’ve never gone to school for therapy

👍Even if you’ve never owned or operated your own business

You can be your own boss and make a great living while changing people’s lives. Just like Danielle Kortava, who has already earned back every penny she invested in the training… And then some!…
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“Quote from Arno”


“I booked my first paying client a week after getting certified by Sean. I started off charging $300/hour and raised it to $350/hour after a few weeks. And I’ve built my own business, from scratch, in 6 months.”


“I Can See Myself Doing this for the Rest of My Life”

And just like Arno Ma, who’s currently earning more per session at the age of 30, with less than a year of experience, than I was making at the age of 44 with 16 years of experience.

Dani and Arno were both certified by me after a rigorous 80-hour training and three months of supervised work…

What Sean’s Clients are Saying



They help people to:

🚭 Quit smoking
🏋️ Lose weight
🤩 Overcome anxiety, stress, and depression
❤️ Find love and fix relationship issues
☀️ Eliminate fears and phobias

…and a whole lot more.
And I didn’t just train them on hypnotherapy. I also showed them how to turn their new skills into a real business and market themselves to get paying clients in the door.

Sean Jenn Curtis

if you keep reading, that’s exactly what I’m going to offer you.


But before I continue, I want to make sure I’m not wasting your time. The opportunity I’m about to tell you about requires a significant investment of time and money.
So if you’re not in a position to invest time or money to develop the necessary skills to start this business, please stop reading and close this tab.

However, if you’re ready to do what it takes…

And you’re excited about the possibilities of starting your own hypnotherapy practice…

Keep reading and pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you.



I’ve been a certified hypnotherapist for nearly 20 years. In that time, I’ve completed over 15,000 hours of hypnotherapy and helped over 3,500 clients. I’m also Atlanta’s best-rated hypnotherapist with 131 five-star reviews and counting…

And I’ve been featured on:

📺 Chrisley Knows Best
📺 Swift Justice with Nancy Grace
📺 The Letter on Freeform
📻 The Bert Show on Atlanta’s Q100 FM
📻 The Jeff and Jenn Show on Star 94.1 FM
📻 11Alive’s Morning Rush
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📻 Food Network Radio
📖 Fitness Magazine
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“Meet Hypnotherapist Sean Wheeler” Pure Hypnosis


…And I guess you could call it one of those “good problems.”

I have too many clients and not enough time.

In fact, the demand for my services has gotten so high that I’m unable to clear the waitlist fast enough.

I had to come up with a better, more permanent fix.

Hiring more hypnotherapists to help wouldn’t work.

One, qualified hypnotherapists are hard to come by.

And two, I pride myself on our success rate.

Even if I could find qualified hypnotherapists, there’d be no guarantee they could get our clients results at the level I expect.

So I ended up deciding to train apprentices to help me out.

I’d show them how to help people my way – the proven way.

But that creates another problem.

Good hypnotherapists… the kind that get results… aren’t content being “employees” for long.

They’re eventually going to want to go out on their own.

So I thought to myself…

“Why don’t I just train them how to be hypnotherapists, certify them AND show them exactly how to turn their new skills into a real business.”

I’d be confident they knew what they’re doing, and they could help people for real
I could refer clients to them when I’m too busy or they can’t afford my rates
My new “apprentices” wouldn’t have to rely on me – they’d have everything they needed to do this full-time… on their own if they wanted

The Pure Hypnosis Certification Program was born.


SWF 2 1
SWF 2 2

I know you’re curious about earning potential so I’ll just come right out and tell you.

Last year, my business did $750,000 in revenue with just me, my executive assistant, and a couple of apprentice hypnotherapists. My first year, I made $35,000. This was nearly 20 years ago, long before social media. I had to get my clients the old-fashioned way. Today, it’s a lot easier for hypnotherapists to market themselves and get clients. If I had to guess…

A beginner hypnotherapist could make between $60,000 and $120,000 their first year.

And you can make this much while being your own boss and having complete control over your schedule.  In fact, that’s what I love most about being a hypnotherapist. It’s the family life that having my own practice has allowed me to build. I’ve dialed in my schedule so I only see clients three days out of the week. That means I’m able to spend as much time as I want with my wife Shelli and our daughter Sienna. My wife and I homeschool Sienna; I love being able to help out with that. We’ve built something special together. Here’s us on a recent spur-of-the-moment getaway to Tampa.

earning potential
SWF 2 3


At the time, I was a sports producer for CNN.
In my spare time I was part of an improv comedy troupe. And I was having a hard time with both because I was dealing with performance anxiety.
On top of that, I had a bad case of social anxiety that was preventing me from having a normal social life. The funny thing is, I didn’t realize it was anxiety at the time.
I thought I was just way too nervous.
It wasn’t until my first hypnosis session that I realized just how bad my anxiety was and how limited I was because of it. And it wasn’t until my hypnotherapist eliminated my anxiety that I experienced how much better life could be.
After that I was hooked.
I got certified as a hypnotherapist in May 2003 and took my first client soon after. Over the next 20 years, I helped more than 3,500 people solve all sorts of problems and live better lives.

They quit smoking.

They lost weight.

They overcame depression and anxiety.

They got over fears and phobias.

They found love and romance.

They ended generational trauma…

And much more.


And best of all, the positive results we achieved together were immediate, permanent and effortless.
Do you know why? It’s because…


Did you know that people who undergo hypnotherapy enjoy an average recovery rate of 93% after 6 sessions?

This is my own data since I have a large enough sample size after working with more than 3,500 clients and facilitating over 15,000 sessions.
And did you know that people who undergo psychoanalysis only experience an average recovery rate of 38% after 600 sessions (source: American Health magazine, vol 7.)
I have clients that come to me after doing years of therapy – some for over 20 years – who still haven’t gotten better.
And based on my experience with these people the only thing therapy does is teach them the name of their problem.
They know that they’re codependent, or that they have ADHD, or whatever their problem is…
But they have no idea how to fix it.
They know how badly screwed up they are, why they’re screwed up and how long they’ve been screwed up, but they’re no better off than when they started.
People want their problems solved NOW.
They don’t want to talk about stuff for a year or five years or 10 years and see no progress.
And here’s the thing…
Humans are biofeedback Machines and what we think about influences how we feel.
Imagine yourself talking about the worst things that happened to you week after week for years, with no end in sight.
How would that make you feel?
Now imagine feeling better right away.
When you work with a well-trained hypnotherapist you’ll leave your first session feeling lighter, happier and more confident.
In fact, I’ve had clients tell me two sessions of hypnotherapy did more for them than 20 years of talk therapy.
So, the speed at which clients get results is faster and because of this they need far fewer sessions.
Most importantly, the results are permanent.
And it’s all because hypnotherapy approaches things in the opposite way that traditional therapy does.
We don’t focus on what went wrong, we focus on helping a person get what they want or be the person they want to be.
And we don’t need to understand everything about a person’s past or identify what went wrong to help them.
Would you rather solve your problem in two months or 20 years?
It takes most people 8-12 years to become a psychologist or psychotherapist.
4-5 years for an undergraduate degree and another 4-7 years for a doctorate.
In addition to that, they’ll need to complete a year-long postdoctoral training period before they get licensed to practice in their state.
That’s 12 years before they see their first paying client.
How much student loan debt do you think the average licensed therapist has?
If I had to guess… with the tuition colleges charge nowadays… multiple 6 figures, minimum.
But I can turn you into a certified hypnotherapist for a fraction of that investment in four months.
The Pure Hypnosis Certification Program is 80 hours of rigorous training plus three months of supervised work.
You’ll be able to see your first paying clients in December 2023… not December 2035.
And the marketing strategies I’ll be giving you will build you a local and online presence so you can attract the type of people you want to help.
These are the same strategies I’ve used to grow my practice to well over $750,000/year.


  • Program runs from October to November 2023
  • In-person only; can’t attend from home
  • Group hypnosis to accelerate knowledge retention and skill development
  • Training will take place over 4 weekends
  • Supervised client work for 3 months after training
  • 12 Weekly 1-Hour Zoom Lessons following the live training
1. Day One: Introduction to Hypnosis
You’ll gain a comprehensive overview of the psychology of hypnosis. The day will start with an overview of modern hypnosis, followed by an exploration of trance induction, deepening, pacing and leading, and other key features associated with hypnosis and how to identify them.

After a break, you’ll practice mirroring, rapport building, and delivering hypnotic and post-hypnotic suggestions. You’ll also learn how to use visualization effectively.

To finish the afternoon, each student will be able to practice inducing trance and to practice their pacing, toning, and volume.
2. Day Two: Beliefs of the Hypnotherapist + Understanding the Mind

We’ll go over the Rules of the Mind and the contrast between the conscious and subconscious. You’ll learn how to think in a way that engages your five senses; you’ll also take part in an exercise in which you tell a story to a partner and discuss the internal representation of the listener.

You’ll be introduced to some of the beliefs of the hypnotherapist, including the understanding that clients possess resources to solve their own problems and that limitations are imagined. We’ll also dive deeper into the practice of hypnotherapy with a discussion on the Negativity Bias and Thinking on Purpose. Through this, you’ll understand how to make better decisions when thinking clearly and calmly.

You’ll also gain an understanding of the Ericksonian approach and the importance of reframing and using experiences as resources. As a demonstration, the class will do an exercise to access resources and use them to solve current problems. Finally, the icing on the cake is a group hypnosis session to reinforce the day’s lessons.
3. Day Three: The Sean Wheeler Method

On day three, I’ll be teaching you the “Sean Wheeler Method.” We’ll start with the Meta Model, which includes questions such as “What stops you?” and “How do you know that?” to gain the most specific information possible to help the client. You’ll practice this technique with a partner in order to better understand it. You’ll also learn the importance of looking at a client’s secondary gain, positive intention, and setting specific goals in order to align the conscious and subconscious.

We’re also going to discover how storytelling and humor will be used to reframe and enhance rapport, and students will practice this with a partner. Participants will also delve into the concept of improvisation in hypnosis, as well as learn about visualizations, the Milton Model and creating amnesia.Then we’ll get into NLP.
Sub-modalities, swish and changing the inner voice will be covered, and students will be able to practice these techniques as well. Finally, we’ll go over recordings of suggestions to reinforce the day’s content, as well as end with a group hypnosis session. This will be recorded for you to take home and re-listen to.
4. Day Four: Creating a Successful Client Experience + Anxiety & Stress
On day four, I'll be giving you the skills to create a successful client experience.
After a break, you’ll practice mirroring, rapport building, and delivering hypnotic and post-hypnotic suggestions. You’ll also learn how to use visualization effectively.
Throughout the day, you'll learn how to build rapport and get to know your client, set clear goals and identify the root cause of the issue, effectively educate your client and emotionally engage them with stories.
You'll also learn how to induce trance and provide powerful and effective suggestions, as well as improve your communication with the client.
We'll also explore how to use hypnotherapy to manage anxiety and stress.
We'll discover how to define anxiety and how to use negation and the negativity bias to your client's advantage.
Additionally, I'll show you how to use worry with purpose and explore the concept of remote control.
I'm also going to use my own struggles with performance anxiety as a teaching tool.
We'll talk about my first hypnotherapy session, how you can use positive visualization and image changing to help with sports performance, acting, presenting and other situations.
We'll end the day with positive visualization student exercises and more group hypnosis (which will be recorded for you).
5. Day Five: Key Concepts
On day five, you'll learn how to release guilt, control, overwhelm, and unlock the power within yourself to make positive change.
You'll gain insight on how to stay present and take it one step at a time.
We'll walk through an interactive demo and exercises to further your understanding in hypnotherapy.
You'll learn tips for tackling procrastination and understand ways to use forgiveness, acceptance, and risk-taking to your advantage.
We'll also dive into pessimism versus optimism and understand the power of positive thinking.
There'll be an opportunity to change personal history and regress and heal the younger version of yourself.
We'll explore Richard Bandler’s Marshall tapes to further your understanding of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
And we’ll end the day with group hypnosis to reinforce what you learned.
6. Day Six: Smoking & Weight Loss
We're going to learn how to help your clients quit smoking and lose weight with hypnosis.
I'm going to start off by telling you the story of how I helped Jenn Hobby quit smoking and how you can get the same results with anyone, no matter how long they've been smoking and how many packs they smoke every day.
We're then going to move on to weight loss.
We’ll explore how hypnosis can help them make better choices, how to control hunger and fullness, how to implement activity and exercise, and how to stop emotional eating.
By the end of the day, you will have plenty of strategies and techniques to help your clients quit smoking and lose weight.
And the most important learning of the day will be congruence. That is, your belief in yourself that it's going to work.
Then we'll finish up with some Q&A and more group hypnosis.
7. Day 7: Fears, Phobias & Compulsions
You’ll learn the internal structure of fear/phobias and how they are in the mind, not the environment. Through case studies and examples, you’ll explore the fear of flying, public speaking, success/failure, heights, insects, abandonment, and judgment.
You’ll use the techniques we’ve learned up to this point – like swish, change image, positive self-visualization, anchoring/resource and direct/indirect suggestion – to help your clients overcome their fears and phobias.
You’ll learn the structure of a hypnotherapy program for these issues and practice demos with students. You’ll then turn your attention to compulsions, discovering the benefit and relief they bring, and how you can use control to break a compulsion.
We’ll cover trich, nail biting, skin picking, binge eating, sweets/food/soda, and alcohol and how to address underlying anxiety. By the end of the day, you’ll understand how to help your clients overcome theirfears and phobias, as well as break compulsive behaviors.
And we’ll do more group hypnosis to develop your skills faster.
8. Day 8: Dating, Relationships, Heartbreak, Divorce, Trauma, PTSD, Abuse

I’ll share my own story to demonstrate how hypnotherapy can be used to heal from heartbreak.

We’ll go over relationships and the survival brain, and the psychological mechanisms that are activated when a relationship ends.
You will learn techniques and tools to help clients cope with heartbreak, including breaking the thought loop, acceptance, anger, forgiveness of self and partner, positive outlook in the future, and identifying patterns from past relationships.
We will discuss underlying issues like childhood trauma, sexual abuse/rape trauma, guilt, shame and regret, and the importance of maintaining self-worth. We will also discuss divorce, the metamodel of problems in marriage, and how to provide clients with calm and clarity to handle the situation well and make sound decisions.
For clients looking to date, you will learn strategies for authenticity, doing what you love, making relationships a priority, and building self-confidence so that you don’t settle for less than what you deserve. Finally, we will discuss trauma and PTSD, and the neural connection between visuals and emotional response.
You will also learn how to use hypnotherapy to treat triggers, phobias, and memories of abuse. We will end the day with a demonstration of one of the topics discussed and a group hypnosis session.
9. Day 9: Motivation & Self-Confidence – Personal & Professional; Life Imbalance
You will spend the day learning how to help your clients achieve greater motivation, self-confidence and balance in their lives.
You will spend the day learning how to help your clients achieve greater motivation, self-confidence and balance in their lives.
Through visual and auditory structures, you’ll learn how to identify and address the underlying issues that keep your clients from reaching their goals.
You will also learn how to access positive memories, change focus to overcome negativity bias and to create “new” useful memories.
You’ll understand how to help your clients prioritize their lives, how to identify and address the motivations behind their choices and how to help them manage the stress and overwhelm that often comes with life imbalance.
Through stories and examples, you’ll apply the concepts of motivation, self-confidence and life balance to your own life, and how to use these skills to become a better hypnotherapist.
The day will also be filled with exercises to help you practice what you are learning.
You’ll get the chance to work with a partner, creating sessions that focus on motivation, self-confidence and life balance.
At the end of the day, you’ll also have a greater appreciation for the importance of living a balanced life and how this can help you become a better therapist.
Finally, you’ll internalize that you don’t have to be perfect as a person or a therapist and that mistakes are a part of the learning process.
You’ll leave the day feeling more confident and motivated to reach your goals and help your clients do the same.
I’ll make sure of it by hypnotizing the entire group
10. Day 10: Turning Your Hypnotherapy Skills Into a 6-Figure Business
I’ve dedicated an entire day to developing key business skills you’ll need to run a successful hypnotherapy practice.
We’ll start off the day learning how to market and price your hypnosis services.
I’ll show you how to create a professional online presence (as opposed to a more new age style.)
You’ll learn the importance of content on your website, how to increase your visibility on search engines like Google using SEO, and how to grow your email list.
We’ll talk about marketing using everything from business cards, networking groups to the latest social media.
You’ll have the chance to hear my own stories of creating my own luck by being prepared and jumping on opportunities.
I’ll also give you strategies on how to professionally handle media and promote future appearances.
Next, we will cover everything you need to know about client contact.
I’ll show you how to build sales systems to qualify leads, book consultations with prospects, and enroll them if they’re a good fit.
We’ll go over how to run your consultations so you can reliably turn prospects into clients.
I’ll show you how to structure your programs for different client problems, set your rates, and sell your clients the package that’s best for them.
We’ll also discuss operational activities like collecting payment, scheduling, and cancellation policies, and hiring assistants to handle non-client work when the time comes.
Remember, I’m giving you a business-in-a-box.
We’ll end the training portion of the program with Q&A and a final group hypnosis session, which will be recorded.


If you’ve read this far that means you’re interested and I’m sure you’re wondering…

“How much do I need to invest to get certified and start my own practice?”

Let me summarize what you’re getting:

For all of the above…


You’ll make a one-time investment of $7000

Payment plans available; book a call to find out more

And if you want to enroll in the program, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Tap the button below and book a consultation with me (Sean Wheeler)
  2. During the call you’ll get to ask me any questions you have about the program; I’ll also be assessing whether or not you’re a good fit since there are only 25 seats open for this cohort
  3. If we both agree that the Certification Program is perfect for you, you’ll either make the full payment, or sign-up with a payment plan that’s been made available to you
  4. You’ll pay the remainder of your enrollment fee before the program begins in October 2023

After you’ve reserved your spot, we’ll send you more details like the venue and exact itinerary in the third or fourth week of September 2023.


If you’re the type of “apprentice” I’m looking for and a perfect fit for this program, you won’t be satisfied waiting until October to start training.

That’s why I’m offering you several exclusive bonuses when you confirm your spot.


When you sign up for the Pure Hypnosis certification program, I’ll give you INSTANT access to my entire catalog of digital products FOR LIFE.

Here’s what you’re getting:

  • Smoke Free for Life $297 FREE
  • Rise Above Unprecedented Times $197 FREE
  • Fit for Life $497 FREE
  • Weight Loss Bundle LVL 1, 2 & 3 (Audio) $50 FREE
  • Stop Smoking (Audio) $20 FREE
  • Eliminate Stress & Anxiety (Audio) $20 FREE
  • Banish Insomnia (Audio) $20 FREE
  • Motivation (Audio) $20 FREE
  • Confidence & Self Esteem (Audio) $20 FREE
  • Relationship Success (Audio) $20 FREE
  • Golf Excellence (Audio) $20 FREE
  • Relaxing on the Beach (Audio) $20 FREE

You can begin consuming these programs IMMEDIATELY after signing up… So you can hit the ground running when our training begins.

Not only will you benefit both personally and professionally from going through these materials… You’ll also gain insight into how I help people to stop smoking, lose weight, eliminate anxiety and more. And I’m giving you lifetimes access to these products as well as any updates I make to them.


When you enroll in the program I’m also giving you a giant collection of hypnosis scripts.

12 transcripts from sessions that led directly to client transformations and positive reviews on Google.

You can use these as a reference when performing your own sessions. They’ll be included in your training binder.


When you graduate from this certification program you’ll join an elite guild of hypnotherapists.

To give you a taste of what that’s like I’ll be giving you access to a private, exclusive community… Where you can continue your training, get support, share what’s working and ask for help if you need it.


I saved the best bonus for last.

Because my calendar books out 3 months+ in advance… I’m on the lookout for a few perfect fit students whom I can refer overflow clients to.

This is in no way a guarantee of any kind, but I have already sent out several referrals to a couple of students from the last round.

This opportunity is ONLY available to Pure Hypnosis Certification Program graduates.


What if I have never been hypnotized before?

This is kind of a funny question because EVERYONE goes through varying degrees of hypnosis every day.

Ever do something on “autopilot”?

That’s actually a state of hypnosis.

Even if you find it now a little difficult to go into a hypnotic or meditative state, you will very quickly adjust using our methods.

Will I really be able to hypnotize someone when we finish training?


Every one of my students from the inaugural round of our training program said they felt 100% comfortable hypnotizing anyone at the completion of their training.

Most of my students felt competent within the first couple of days!

I’m still working through some of my own issues, how can I possibly help other people if I still haven’t resolved all my own?

You don’t have to be perfect in order to help others.

Do you think every therapist you’ve ever met is problem free?

But you make a good point, which is that we do need to do some work on ourselves before effectively helping others with specific issues.

During the training – and with my provided resources – you’re not just learning how to help others; you’re learning first how to help yourself.

Then you pass that knowledge on to your clients.

I’ve seen a lot of hypnosis training programs out there that cost less, why would I choose to be Pure Hypnosis Certified instead?

Here’s the thing with a lot of the hypnosis training programs out there:

In most cases, students get very little direct interaction with the trainer personally and have to suffer very large class sizes (hence the lower cost as well) which means less attention for each student.

You’re often standing in a crowd of 100+ people, watching the trainer hypnotize someone else from the stage.

That doesn’t set you up for success to confidently start your own practice.

What sets my training apart is that you will be in the room with me, with a smaller group of fellow students, and you’ll get direct interaction from me personally.

When you do exercises with your classmates, I’ll be there to give you notes and instruction.

It’s very likely that every student will get hypnotized by me personally during training demonstrations.

And that’s what helps you to become competent.

If I don’t get one of the apprentice spots, why should I still invest in the training?

Right now, I’m working on building a referral program.

Every week, I have tons of potential clients who can’t afford my services and no one to refer them to.

Once my referral program is built, people who are unable to book directly with me will be able to choose a hypnotherapist from my certified student list.

This is better direct marketing than you’ll find available anywhere else.

What might that mean for you?

Here’s my story for context:

Way back in 2003, I spent $3k on my training. That was more than I earned in a month at my job at the time.

The first year I went full-time as a hypnotherapist, I was making $3k a month (with no marketing knowledge).

Two years later, I was making $3k a week.

Now, I earn that in 3 hours of work.

In the Business Accelerator portion of the training, I will be sharing with you exactly how I built a million-dollar business so you can set yourself up for success fast, no apprenticeship needed.

I’m training you not just to be a successful hypnotherapist but also a successful business owner.

How much is my investment to become a certified hypnotherapist and start my own practice?

Your investment is $7,000.

If you’re an earlybird waitlist member, you’re entitled to a $500 discount.

If you attended my Stress Less & Progress event in January 2023, you’re entitled to an additional $500 discount.

We’re also offering payment plans, and you’ll have to book a call to find out more.

When will the training for the Pure Hypnosis certification program take place?

This program will run from October to November 2023. The training portion will occur over four consecutive weekends in October.

The dates are: Oct 20-22, Oct 27-29, Nov 3-5, Nov 10-12.

After that, students will be required to complete 50 credit hours of supervised client work to earn their certification.

Additionally, 12 one-hour online follow-up calls will take place starting in November 2023.

Where will the training for the Pure Hypnosis certification program take place?

The training will take place in person in Atlanta, GA.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Because this certification program is in-person and there is a significant investment in time and resources from my end…

I’m afraid we cannot offer refunds.

To add to this, I’m only looking for students who are committed and want to do this.

I’m bringing my 20 years of experience and giving you everything I have to offer.

And I want you to put some skin in the game.

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