Okay, this may seem a bit silly on the surface. But hear me out.

Jessica is a 26-year-old woman who contacted the Jeff & Jenn Show on Star 94 seeking help letting go of her “woobie.”  A woobie is “an object, typically a blanket, garment or stuffed animal that is used simply for its comforting characteristics.”

Before you chuckle, consider that Jessica has been holding onto her woobie and taking it everywhere she goes since she was three years old, or roughly 23 years! Letting go of anything you’ve held onto for that long is less than easy.

When she arrived for her first session, she pulled it out of a plastic grocery bag (which she used to carry it in public places without drawing attention to herself) and actually held and rubbed it with her fingers throughout the session.

Following that initial session, Jessica refused to remove her woobie from the plastic bag and actually began sleeping without it for the first time in her adult life. Following her second session, she not only vowed to burn it (with her husband’s assistance!) on the family grill, she also said the thought of merely touching her woobie felt “disgusting.”

Pretty amazing transformation!

Click over to Jeff & Jenn’s website to hear the audio clips from before & after Jessica’s sessions.