After a lifetime of programming and reinforcement that childbirth MUST be an excruciating, terrifying experience, some women have a hard time accepting this as a possibility. Well, that’s why we’re here…

Take a look at this article, do a bit of research and see for yourself. Hypnobirthing isn’t new… and yes, it works.

By Vicky Eckenrode | Staff Writer

When Gina Policari had her baby last year, she came to the hospital at 8 centimeters dilated, spent the morning in labor and had a healthy, baby girl after 15 minutes of pushing.

Her doctors were amazed, the Wilmington resident said.

There wasn’t much remarkable about the delivery, except that Policari smiled through most of it – without drugs.

‘I had the epidural without having the epidural. I didn’t feel the pain,’ she said. ‘People say it’s mind over matter, and I think that’s what hypnosis ends up being.’

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