* “Sean,

My husband and I would like to thank you for everything you did for our son. Changes were noticed within the 1st week after his 1st session. He is genuinely happier everyday. This past weekend he had a soccer game and for the 1st time he didn’t back down when 3 guys were on him – he just went right through them controlling the ball.

Prior to your sessions he would get the ball and then kick it away as fast as he could, not the case anymore. I also saw the kid who would not walk across the street to see if his friends could play (they always had to come to our door and get him) see his friends at their house and go high-tailing it out the door without a moment’s hesitation.

You gave him the gift of confidence and we are forever grateful. My husband and I have looked at each other more than once over the last month and gone ‘wow’. Words can’t even express how thankful we are.


Andrew and Janeen Sheard