January 3, 2016 – January 3, 2016

2000 Century Blvd NE

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It’s that time of year again… when people eat, drink and be merry… which is soon followed by that time when we make resolutions, eat healthy and clog up the parking lot at the gym!

January 4th marks the 12th Annual World Hypnotism Day, and this year we’ll be celebrating a day early – my completely FREE hypnosis event takes place on Sunday, January 3rd

This event includes eye-opening information about hypnosis, audience participation, group hypnosis, prizes, special offers on sessions and plenty of LAUGHS.

It’s a chance to learn all about hypnosis, ask questions and if you’d like, even get hypnotized by yours truly.

Witness an in-depth presentation that de-mystifies hypnosis and explains how it ACTUALLY works:

• Hypnosis: Facts vs Myths

• The Secrets of Stage Hypnosis REVEALED

• Why most New Year’s Resolutions fail (and how to make yours stick)

• Why Jenn Hobby — of Q100’s The Bert Show — is still smoke-free 6 YEARS after a single hypnosis session with Sean Wheeler

• Why my weight loss program — featured in Fitness Magazine — really works

• Heartbreak Hypnosis: How to use hypnosis to heal a Broken Heart

• How to eliminate Fears and Phobias quickly and easily

• How to practice hypnosis in the comfort of your home

• How to eliminate cravings for food, cigarettes & other addictions

In addition to all that interesting and useful information, everyone who attends the event will also receive the following:

• Chance to win a complimentary hypnosis session ($225 value)

• A relaxing and energizing hypnosis experience

• Special offers on individual hypnotherapy sessions and programs available exclusively to attendees

This is a completely FREE event to promote World Hypnotism Day and spread the news about the benefits of hypnosis, but you do need to RSVP in advance to reserve your place.

So RSVP now, mark it on your calendar, and I’ll see you there!


Clinical Hypnotherapist Sean Wheeler is a regular guest on Atlanta’s most popular morning radio program – Q100’s The Bert Show, and he has been featured on the nationally-syndicated TV show Swift Justice with Nancy Grace, B98.5 FM, Food Network Radio, and Fitness Magazine.