* Eric hadn’t flown in nearly 30 years. As a young boy, he developed a fear of flying that became worse over time. He also suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since he was a kid. Now, he needed to travel to Japan to visit his fiancé’s family before getting married, and this old fear was holding him back.

“I had not been on an airplane since 1986, because of an intense fear of flying. Even picking someone up at the airport would give me anxiety.

Even after the first session I had much lower anxiety about my feelings of air travel. Soon after the first session I was able to at least purchase a ticket. My flight to Japan was riddled with delays and lasted about 18 hours, yet somehow I remained calm throughout the entire flight.

I would highly recommend this form of therapy. The results of three sessions beat years of going to a psychologist. I am also off anti-depressants, which seems like an added bonus.

Sean spends the time to really get to know you. Truly a person who takes his work seriously. But on the same token, not intimidating to talk to. He really cares!”

Eric Korth | Lawrenceville, GA