“Hi Sean! Well, it’s officially been 6 weeks since my 1st session and everything is going great! To my surprise I lost 8 lbs!!! I was so excited! Especially since my weight loss had plateaued before I came to see you. I’ve tried everything! I can’t wait to check again in 6 more weeks.

I’m so happy that my friend heard you on Q100 and convinced me to call you. I’m no longer indulging in food for emotions and I’ve curbed my nightly ice cream cravings. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet but I’m choosing to eat better and in smaller portions. I’ve even been able to give up caffeine and work out regularly. I feel great. I’m losing weight without the pressure.

The other reason I saw you was for my vegetable phobia. A horrible experience I had when I was young that prevented me from ever wanting to eat them again. I can happily say that I have tried everything that has come on my plate. I may not love everything, but I’m trying and finding out that I do like some things.

This has been an amazing journey. Not only has hypnosis helped me with my weight loss and vegetable obstacles, but it also helps me to relax! I can’t wait to listen to my recordings every day. I love how it clears my mind and I’ve become more relaxed and less stressed! My husband has even seen an improvement. Apparently I used to be a nagger!

I can’t thank you enough, Sean! Hypnosis has really changed my life and I would highly recommend you to anyone who has a phobia or needs help getting over that last hurdle in life’s struggles.

Thank you again!”

Ellen Hassell | Atlanta, GA