Got this email from a client yesterday. We did three sessions focused on her persistent fear of death, and the resulting anxiety it caused.

Here are her unedited words:

“I was living my life in a state of constant worry, fearing death at every turn. My phobia was becoming a crippling force in my life, leaving me nervous, exhausted, and unable to focus on the things that matter most. I wasn’t sure what to expect with hypnosis, but working with Sean has helped me immensely. 

Letting go of some of my fears has been like a weight being lifted from my shoulders. I’m now able to channel my extra energy into my relationships with the people I love, projects that fulfill me, and generally much more positive thoughts. I now know what life feels like for people who don’t have a fear that deeply haunts them, and I only wish I had tried hypnosis sooner. 

Re-listening to the sessions has the result of weeks of psychotherapy within only a few minutes. In some senses, you’re allowing yourself to relax and reprogram in your brain whatever it is that’s been wired wrong in the first place. And most refreshing of all, unlike what TV would lead you to believe about hypnosis, you feel more in control over your own thoughts than ever before.”

-A.R. (Atlanta, GA)