People sometimes wonder if the testimonials on my site are real, or if I just made them up. Well, I can tell you I’m simply not creative enough to make this stuff up!

The following are the words of a current client I’ve been working with on several issues that have been bothering her for years… some since childhood. After a couple sessions, the change has been so powerful that she’s felt a need to express it in messages to me and other friends of hers. Below is a mix of what she wrote to them, to me, and on her blog. Take a look..


I was as skeptical as anyone could possibly be… and positive that there was no way I could ever relax like that. It is not as bizarre as it sounds nor as terrifying to be “out of control” (which you are not) as I thought it would be. Friends of ours know Sean socially so I asked… got excellent feedback and took the plunge.

 Sean is really fun and funny.

One of my fears is the phone. Sean called this morning to confirm due to ice on the roads and I called him back. No big deal?

Easy for you to say! I could answer a call most of the time, but returning a call was like pulling teeth. I saw the message, hit the button without thinking (or panicking) and called Sean back. Be there in 5 minutes, the roads are fine. I noticed how easy that was. So far so good….very good.

Unfortunately, in 5 minutes I was sliding backward on the steep, icy hill at his entrance. Had to call again (good grief…was this a test?) and ask if Sean could come rescue me.

Superman Sean came to my rescue and while “listening to the sound of his voice”, he talked me down the hill. This is the “when pigs fly” moment. Shyness and stage fright were only the start of things… performance anxiety had a way of literally paralyzing me. In fact, the day of my first session with Sean, I could hardly make my way to his big comfy chair… with Sean pointing to it.

 (In the past) when performance anxiety kicked in I simply could not function… there was no following directions, no appropriate response, just nothingness, as if frozen… as if drawing an enormous blank. Sliding down this hill, with two parked cars mere feet away, was a disaster waiting to happen in every sense. 

When Sean arrived and explained how to get out of this mess we had the kicker: No panic attack, no shaking, no blanking out, no fainting or freezing, except from the cold. Nothing short of miraculous.

This was big… really BIG. What on Earth had just happened?

From the start I wondered how I was going to know this was working. I wondered what life would be like without being gripped by that powerful sensation of fear. What would “not panic” feel like? What does the absence of anything feel like? Would I recognize any change if it happened?

Tentatively, I would say it feels good. It feels safe. I feel grateful to the point of tears which feels odd… the tears part. I can see that there is more than a glimmer of hope… so much more.

This feels like Relief… quiet, very calm, relief.

The coolest thing is that it is effortless. I feel as if someone has reached down, pulled me up out of a deep pit and set me on my feet.

Strength, plus hypnosis, now have me skidding happily toward yet another great adventure. Yahoooooooooooo! Feel as if I am conquering my world!

No matter… high-five, fist bump, big hug and THANK YOU, Sean.”

Ann Russell | Roswell, GA