Everyone knows hypnosis can help you quit smoking and lose weight, but what else can you do with it? Here are some ideas…

1. Get over a breakup

I’ve posted a couple articles about this recently. Really, it works like this… hypnosis can help you to quickly change your focus, while forgetting (more often) about unpleasant memories, thoughts or experiences. This isn’t “erasing” your memory, just speeding up the natural emotional healing process so you can move on and live your life.

2. Lose your internet addiction

One of the more common complaints I receive from clients is their inability to stop surfing (or playing) on the web. This causes stress due to procrastinating on the important tasks (getting things done). Eliminate procrastination and stress as you build automatic reminders that allow you to unplug from the monitor from time to time.

3. Change your career path

If you find yourself unhappy with your current job or career, but lack the confidence or creativity to change direction, hypnosis may be just what the doctor ordered. Taking a step back, evaluating your strengths and interests, and looking at things from a new perspective are only the beginning of what hypnosis can help you to do.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff (seriously)

You always hear people say “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” but they fail to teach you how, exactly, not to get upset when someone cuts you off in traffic. Hypnosis actually gives you the tools and the mindset to focus on what’s important and let the little things go.

5. Have more fun

When you’re feeling better, more comfortable in your own skin, and focusing on what’s important, you don’t need pills, drugs, food or booze to enjoy life. You’re more comfortable being yourself, and thus more free to simply be. This lack of self-consciousness in social and intimate situations leads to a greater enjoyment of the moment, and greater satisfaction in life.